About Strategic Marketing Services
Strategic Marketing Services, LLC was founded in 2003 with the objective of addressing the ever-changing 
Direct Response Marketing needs of our clients.  We at Strategic Marketing Services provide our clients with
extensive knowledge in various areas of marketing including; brokerage and management of Insert Media, 
brokerage and management of postal and e-mail lists, creative services, space advertising and printing 
services.  Our unique background has allowed us to work with many direct marketers in different capacities. 

Our goal is simple: Through our brokerage division, we help our clients acquire new customers at an allowable 
cost and then help them to leverage the lifetime value of those customers.  We also work with our clients to 
create new profit centers through our management division.  SMS's management professionals will identify 
all your potential revenue sources and then work with you to generate maximum income.

Reach us directly by e-mail, phone or postal mail.

Strategic Marketing Services
4 Beaverbrook Rd., #126 Lincoln Park, NJ 07035
Phone (973) 633-0886
Fax (973) 633-0984
E-mail Sales@strategicmktgllc.com