SMS Insert Brokerage
If you are an advertiser looking to cost effectively generate leads, acquire new 
customers or boost brand awareness, you've come to the right place.  Insert 
Media is one of direct marketing's best-kept secrets. This medium provides 
direct marketers with an opportunity to accomplish all the above objectives, 
cost effectively.  SMS's Insert Brokerage Division is focused on researching 
and locating insert media programs that fit our clients needs, products and 
Advantages of Insert Media:
  • Cost Effective - There are no postage costs with insert media and CPM's are lower than list rental CPM's associated with solo direct mail efforts.
  • Targeting - With many different forms of insert media, you're sure to find a strong affiliation between your products or services and that of a particular insert program.
  • Tracking Response - Similar to solo direct mail, insert media campaigns can be tracked to gauge an accurate read on orders placed, total sales dollars generated and overall response.
  • Scale - With more than 15 billion units for distribution each year, inserts can be rolled out to mass audiences upon successful testing and proven response.
  Keys to Success:  
  • Product - One-shot products generally yield more responses than continuity offers, however continuity offers generate lifetime value. Lead generators will yield higher response than those seeking to generate an order.
  • Media/Program - Stronger affiliation between the advertisers product or service and that of the insert program will increase response rates.
  • Pricing - Response is generally lower for higher priced products.
  • Offer - Offers with proven response lifters such as free gift with purchase, order deadline, volume discount, bill me later payment option, money back guarantee and others pull better than comparable offers that don't.
*Response rates range from 0.025% to 3% depending on the above factors.
  SMS's Insert Brokerage Services Include:  
  • Identifying your target audience.
  • Research and recommend media to fit those demographics and psychographics.
  • Negotiate pricing to secure the lowest CPM's possible.
  • Coordinate all aspects of insert orders (clearances, material shipments, status, etc.).
  • Follow up with fulfillment locations to insure timely insertions.
  • Provide monthly status reports to gauge accurate response rates.
  • Analyze response rates.
  • Bill client and pay program manager in a timely fashion.

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