SMS Insert Management
Insert media provides direct access to receptive consumers. Media such as package inserts, catalog blow-ins, 
ride-alongs, and co-ops offer expansive opportunities to a full range of marketing offers. SMS manages insert 
programs for our clients and is proud of our success in securing tests from direct marketing's leading insert 
advertisers. We provide our clients with turnkey solutions so they can focus on their customers, while we 
manage their insert program.  We secure extremely competitive rates for all aspects of Insert Media production 
including envelope printing, collation and insertion services so our clients can reap the full benefits of the insert 
revenues without the hassle.
  SMS's Insert Management Services Include:  
  • Analyze your account potential.
  • Develop marketing and promotional strategies including direct mail, telemarketing to
  • brokers/mailers, advertising in trade journals & presence at industry trade shows.
  • Potential universe of insert users.
  • Provide datacards and usage reports to mailers and brokers.
  • Handle clearances and order processing.
  • Process billing, collection, and payments.
As more companies decide to accept and place inserts, our goal is to deal with all situations - large and small. 
We work with our clients in all aspects of Insert Media management, from introducing a new program to the 
market to increasing revenue on existing programs. With the experience, knowledge and expertise of its 
personnel, SMS offers each of our clients all the amenities of a full-service insert media agency.
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