SMS List Brokerage
Strategic Marketing Services' List Brokerage Division provides valued service to direct marketers in the publishing, 
services, financial, insurance, fundraising, and business-to-business arenas.  The List Brokerage Division services 
all aspects of our clients needs - from basic order processing and recommendation of targeted lists and selections
to in-depth circulation, pricing and strategic consulting.  SMS understands the many intricacies of direct marketing
economics, creative and targeting, and supports our clients in successfully navigating the prospecting process.

Lists are becoming increasingly complicated, challenging mailers with a confusing array of choices and 
segmentation capabilities.  SMS will cut through the complexity for you, and ensure that your mailings take 
advantage of the most effective lists and list segments available.  SMS will listen with an attentive ear to your 
requests, questions and concerns.  Once we have identified exactly what you're trying to accomplish through your 
direct mail efforts, we will determine the best lists to sell your product or service.  In-depth familiarity with markets 
and list usage enables us to spot trends in implied interest, even across product lines.
  Advantages of Direct Mail:  
  • Targeting - The ability to select targeted mailing lists and build list models.
  • Tracking Response - With the utilization of tracking methods such as special 800 #'s, promotion codes, specific web links, and others, ROI can accurately be measured.
  • Scale - With the total universe in the millions, once tested and proven successful, there is potential to roll out in large numbers.
  • Response Rates - If used effectively, direct mail response rates can be as high as 5%.
  Keys to Success:  
  • Tracking - Effectively track response for future mailings.
  • Creative/Testing - Test various types of creative and numerous lists to find which direct mail package and list pulls the best response.
  • Targeted Lists - Stronger affiliation between the mailers product or service and the lists rented will ultimately increase response rates.
  • Pricing/Costs - Negotiate the best CPM's as possible to strengthen ROI.
  SMS List Brokerage Services Include:  
  • Identifying your target audience.
  • Research and recommend lists that fit those demographics and psychographics.
  • Submitting clearances for list rental approval.
  • Negotiating pricing to secure the lowest CPM's and other charges as possible.
  • Coordinate all aspects of list orders (clearances, selections, file delivery, etc.).
  • Contracting with a service bureau (if required).
  • Printing services (if required).
  • Analyze response rate.

SMS's service doesn't end when the mailing goes out. We continue to provide follow-up and feedback by analyzing the response to offers, monitoring the effectiveness of the list for sales response, and making further recommendations to improve results. Whether a client wants to launch a new property or strengthen an existing one, SMS's List Brokerage experts are able to offer their assistance, from developing circulation and marketing plans and determining short and long-term strategies, to fine-tuning existing plans and/or products.



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