SMS List Management
Strategic Marketing Services' List Management division services clients with a great attention to detail and 
interaction. SMS handles all aspects of list management, ranging from the simple processing of list orders to 
becoming an intricate part of our clients' sales team, by handling all marketing, sales, and promotional 
activities. Our clients receive world-class customer service from our seasoned list managers.
  SMS's approach to List Management features four important components:  
  • Research to identify every possible market for our clients' lists and develop those markets into income-producers with active promotional and sales efforts.
  • For each list that we manage, we design a datacard for your approval that accurately reflects the scope of the list, availability of selects and realistic pricing.
  • Serve as billing and collecting agents while coordinating all activities and providing immediate turnaround on revenue.
  • Watch performance of our clients' lists, monitoring usage trends to provide further promotional backup and discern avenues to new markets.

In short, SMS's List Management division makes certain that each and every list that it manages gets the attention it needs to realize its fullest potential. Our clients receive personalized attention from our staff, with comprehensive follow-through, frequent status appraisals, and reliable, quick, and courteous responses to all questions and concerns.


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